All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking – Belmont Walkway Bequia

If you’ve been following us on Social media @BequiaVillas, you’ll know that we often described Belmont Walkway as the walk of a Lifetime. What could possibly make a footpath so fascinating we hear you ask? The best imaginable answer would be to paint a verbal picture of the journey from Princess Margaret Beach to Belmont Walkway. So, we invite you to envisage the journey in your mind, while we guide you through the waterfront Renaissance of Bequia.

Board Walk

Board Walk

Imagine that you’ve just dipped your toes into the sea to rinse off the remaining sandy residue from your stroll along Princess Margaret Beach. The sun is about to set on Princess Margaret Trail, so you hurriedly walk onto the concrete pathway to station yourself on the wooden bench just in time for sunset. You sit still for a few moments, perched on the edge of the snorkeling platform taking it all in and watching how the sea glistens lustrously under the disappearing sun.

Watching sunset in Bequia at the board walk

Watching sunset in Bequia at the board walk

Keen to explore more, you take on the steep stairway of Princess Margaret Trail, knowing that the shortness of breath will be well worth the climb.


Visualize your first step onto the trail, whose change in surroundings slows you down to a snails pace. The meandering concrete path becomes earth and the protruding rocks become tall, thin trees that allow the last few rays of sun to peer through their branches. As if you’ve entered a completely new world, your senses awaken to the sound of the birds chirping and the wildlife rustling through the fallen leaves.


Envision the final leg of the journey onto the bustling promenade with bars, cafes and restaurants offering chic alfresco style dining on the seafront. Your stride changes from the momentum of a hiker to an easy glide, while you take in the background music, clanging of glasses and chatter of yachties exchanging sea stories.


The vibrant atmosphere, similar to a city vibe reminds you why Bequia is known as the ‘little big island’. Spoilt for choice you opt to spend your night fun at the Frangipani beach bar, listed as one of the top 100 bars in the world. The waterfront open-air bar is one of the Caribbean’s famous watering holes so you take the advice of the bartender and opt for the infamous Frangi Fever. With a cool cocktail in hand and the other swinging by your side without a care in the world, you nestle your cheeks into the love seats under the palm trees that offer much needed shade. You observe the clear, calm waters, transparent enough to see every rock, shell and the abundance of marine life playing on the sea floor.

The sun finally disappears, signaling the start of an entertaining night in Bequia. Before the speakers are ramped up and the belly laughs of rum drinkers fill the air, you contemplate on how simple, but soul warming a walk along the Belmont Walkway was.

If we’ve described the experience well enough to entice you to make a trip to Bequia, meet us at Mac’s Pizzeria, where we’ll be stuffing our face with lobster topped pizza.

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