Best Views in Bequia

One of the most marvelous things we can all appreciate as human beings is a spectacular view. At Bequia Villas situated on Princess Margret Beach, you’ll get more than your fair share. Whether from your cosy bed, private patio at Flamingo Villa or even your washroom at Turtle Point Villa, you can enjoy unhindered scenes of Bequia at its best.


But, the views don’t stop there, which is why we encourage each and every guest to venture out and explore our ‘Big Little Island’. If you’re up for an adventure and keen to discover the best places for a panoramic view, you have the option of being engulfed in the cool Caribbean breeze in an open backed taxi or renting your own vehicle.

Bequia’s taxi operators offer island tours of up to three hours tailored to your desires and we are happy to recommend the most knowledgeable and friendly guides. There’s also the option of renting a vehicle, which will allow you to explore our relatively untouched island on your own time. A local driving permit costs EC$65 and can be obtained from the Revenue Office in Port Elizabeth.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how to get to stunning locations in Bequia, here are our top 3 spots to hike to.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant boasts the highest accessible point in Bequia, offering unimpeded views of Admiralty Bay and the southern Grenadines. Take some time to visit the plantation style house, which gives you a glimpse into the past, revealing excavated colonial treasures over 5000 years old.


St. Hilaire Point

St. Hilaire Point is situated on the southeast coast of Bequia overlooking the natural harbor of Friendship Bay. If you’re looking for an unspoiled, serene landscape untouched by large-scale development, this is the perfect place to observe nature and wildlife coexist in peace.

Mount Peggy

Mount Peggy, known to locals as ‘Ma peggy’, offers an unmatched 360-degree view of Bequia. Reaching nearly 900ft, this invigorating hike will lead you through rich farmland to a rocky patch where you can dwell and enjoy camera worthy views of Admiralty Bay down to Lower Bay.


If you are visiting these spots for the first time we recommend that you take along an experience guide, snacks and water and ensure that you are physically prepped for this moderate hike. Before setting out you can seek advice from Bequia Villas, a reputable tour operator or Bequia Tourism Association via this email –

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