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Best Views in Bequia

One of the most marvelous things we can all appreciate as human beings is a spectacular view. At Bequia Villas situated on Princess Margret Beach, you’ll get more than your fair share. Whether from your cosy bed, private patio at Flamingo Villa or even your washroom at Turtle Point Villa, you can enjoy unhindered scenes of Bequia at its best.

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All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking – Belmont Walkway Bequia

If you’ve been following us on Social media @BequiaVillas, you’ll know that we often described Belmont Walkway as the walk of a Lifetime. What could possibly make a footpath so fascinating we hear you ask? The best imaginable answer would be to paint a verbal picture of the journey from Princess Margaret Beach to Belmont Walkway. So, we invite you to envisage the journey in your mind, while we guide you through the waterfront Renaissance of Bequia. Continue Reading


Princess Margaret Beach

Princess Margaret Beach is so tremendously beautiful, we’ve dedicated a whole blog post to it to share multiple reasons why your trip to Bequia won’t be complete without a dip in its azure waters.

Before we get into how soul calming this beach is, we’ll have you know it received the royal seal of approval and was subsequently named after the late sibling of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, who had a swim while vacationing from her holiday home in Mustique.

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