Princess Margret Beach

Discover Bequia

So you’re about to discover Bequia, the ‘big little’ undiscovered charm of the Caribbean. An island that has remained relatively untouched, with enough pulling power to cause visitors to lay down their hats and call it home. To help you with that inevitable life changing decision, here are four spots we recommend you hit when you’re on the Bequian roads.


Princess Margaret Beach

This one is easy; because it’s the beach you’ve been admiring from your Bequia Villas balcony and it’s only a stone throw away. Cocooned by Admiralty Bay, Princess Margaret Beach received its royal title from Princess Margaret; the sibling of Queen Elizabeth II, who took a dip in the late 50’s. We absolutely insist that you take a stroll down to the farthest end of the bay, where you’ll find an inviting rocky archway leading to what we like to call nature’s version of a Jacuzzi. But we won’t rattle on, because you’ll have no choice but to bury your toes in the sand and soak them off in the sea as you make your way over to Belmont Walkway, which connects you to a waterfront of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Fort Hamilton

Looking for a place to try out that clever panoramic app you’ve just downloaded, then look no further than Hamilton Fort. The 300ft fort named after founding father of the USA Alexander Hamilton, was constructed in the 1700s complete with cannons to protect Admiralty Bay from raiders.

View from Fort Hamilton

The peacefulness of this place is far removed from its military past and offers stunning view seekers the perfect balance of lush land and deep blue sea. If you want unadulterated, picturesque views of Port Elizabeth, Lower Bay and West Cay, pack a picnic, dig out your binoculars and march to the fort for some much needed fortitude.

Bequia Boat Museum

bequia boat museum

Bequia’s strong connection to the sea and traditional acts of fishing, sailing and boat-building means you can’t leave without learning more about the island’s seafaring heritage. A visit to the new Bequia Boat Museum overlooking Friendship Bay, will enlighten you on their maritime traditions and showcase the impressive boat-building skills of past generations. At every corner, vendor and harbor you’ll see displays of intricately crafted model boats made with natural resources from the land. Take some time to appreciate them, and you’ll be extremely surprised at how fast a miniature sailboat with a coconut shell base glides through the sea.

Spring and Industry Bay

Why else would you be on the ‘Island of the clouds’ if you didn’t want to replace high-rise concrete buildings with towering coconut trees that dance in the breeze.

Spring and Industry Bay

Hundreds of palm trees populate the beaches of Spring, Industry and Park along the eastern side of the island. The awe-inspiring height of each palm and its rhythmic sway, ignites an instant feeling calmness. What’s more, the remoteness of the area makes it a romantic getaway for two where the only disturbance may be in the form of a grazing cow minding its own business.


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