Princess Margaret Beach

Princess Margaret Beach is so tremendously beautiful, we’ve dedicated a whole blog post to it to share multiple reasons why your trip to Bequia won’t be complete without a dip in its azure waters.

Before we get into how soul calming this beach is, we’ll have you know it received the royal seal of approval and was subsequently named after the late sibling of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, who had a swim while vacationing from her holiday home in Mustique.


Princess Margaret Beach is situated next to Port Elizabeth on the west coast of the island. Out of the multiple reasons why you should be employed as a beach bum on this particular beach, here are 3 very encouraging ones.

It’s your Back Garden!

This reason has reached the top of the list because a stay at Bequia Villas means, Princess Margaret Beach will be the last thing you hear at night and the– first thing you’ll see in the morning. Whether you’re checking into Flamingo or Turtle Point Villa, the moment you swing open your French doors and step onto your private patio, the bright hues of blue will call you into the ocean so fast you’ll want to fly.


The Family Beach Fest

On weekends the chances of stumbling upon a huge Bequian family cooking up a storm and having a blast on the beach are extremely high. Just witnessing grandparents entertaining the children in the ocean, dads tackling the makeshift grill and sizzling some freshly caught fish and mums making sure everyone’s plates are full and eventually wiped clean adds to the blissfulness of why we all long for a taste of island-life. So, if you’re summoned to the grill and encouraged to try some lobster by a family member, by the time you crack open a claw you’ll probably be apart of the clan.


That Rocky Archway

When you stumble upon the perfectly formed archway at the end of Princess Margaret Beach, the expression you’ll have is what we like to call the ‘finding gold at the end of a rainbow’ face. The natural formation of the rock will not only take your breath away, but also bring out your adventurous and imaginative inner child! It’s the perfect spot for peace and quiet, snorkeling and a serene sea haven for those wanting to get away from it all.


I hope that was enough to encourage you to add Princess Margaret Beach to your bucket list, not that you needed any convincing to dwell on the shores of one of the most unspoiled and peaceful beaches in the Grenadines.

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